Since 1991, the
Cohalan Company has been privileged to represent KEIM. Working together with KEIM Mineral Coatings of America Inc., we are now the distributor for KEIM in the Northeast States. We provide surveys and technical advice, detailed specifications and coordination of custom color matching – all with the goal of getting the best results possible for our customers.   



Exterior and Interior Silicate-Based
Mineral Coatings.
Green and Sustainable for the
Past 130 Years.
Original Technology for Silicate-Based Mineral Finishes.
Liquid Stone Coatings:
All Natural Components.
Harmless to the Environment.
No Odor. No VOCs. No Outgassing.
Highly Vapor Permeable.
Healthful. Environmentally Pure.
Absolutely Lightfast, Pure Mineral
Color Systems.
Chemically Bonding.
No Peeling. No Spalling.
Long Life-Cycle. Proven in All Climates