A.W. Keim, Inventor of
Mineral Paints

House in Walenstadt/Switzerland,
decorated with KEIM mineral paints

The natural raw materials on which silicate
paints are based

For more than 130 years, KEIM products have manufactured and marketed innovative products based upon unique mineral systems developed by A.W. KEIM. His invention of a liquid silicate-based binder integrated with pure mineral pigments has led to coating systems that truly represent a ‘nature to nature’ bio dynamic relationship. Today’s environmental awareness demands product systems that are durable, maintenance-free, colorfast, protective, beautiful, safe and completely sustainable.  

KEIM is the leading manufacturer of mineral-based coating systems in the world. Thousands of reference projects for KEIM stand in almost every country and in every climate on the planet. Historic structures coated with KEIM over 100 years ago still stand in good condition as testimony to the duration and chemical stability of KEIM mineral systems.

KEIM continues to be at the forefront of product innovation and is committed to research-based improvements to its portfolio of products for products to repair natural stone, for concrete rehabilitation systems and for rightfully famous silicate-based mineral coatings.

KEIM excellent product range includes natural, high vapor permeable, chemically bonding, light-fast, environmentally safe, silicate-based coating systems for exterior and interior applications. An expanded list of KEIM products includes historic mortars, concrete repair systems, natural stucco products, waterproofing formulations and cleaners.